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Lion Dance (Unity3D / Photon)

The Lion Dance is one of the great Chinese traditions. Mimicking lions’ movement that symbolizes bringing good luck and fortune. The unique Chinese Lion costume is worn by more than one person in order to replicate the dance movements of a giant lion.

Our background story happened in a small China town. There was a very beautiful princess. Two young men came to the town and fell in love with her. They both invited a friend to start a Lion Dance Competition to impress the princess.

The game mode is 2V2 with both local multiplayer and network multiplayer systems. Each team contains one "Head" player who controls the shoulder, head, and front legs with arrow keys and one "Ass" player who controls the butt, tail, and hind legs. Both half parts of the lion can move horizontally and jump up, especially when the rear part jumps it will release "green gas" backward and plays sound effects. Then we use Photon to connect two teams, the host team will have the pink lion and the client team will have the green one.

The two lions have to climb up to the platform where the princess stands on as fast as they can by cooperating. The waist of the lions is a string will allow lions to stretch and bounce. They can block the way of the other team, bounce them off the platforms or step on them to climb up.

We have three types of platforms: static platforms, temporary platforms which will disappear five seconds later once you touch them, and rotatable platforms which will rotate crazily if you stand on one side of them.

Engine: Unity3D(C#)

Platform: PC

Category: 2D Platformer/Local Multiplayer/Network Multiplayer/Casual/Physic Simulation

Team of three: Ayesha Khalid, Nancy Lin, Yitong Hu

Role: led in gameplay programming, network programming, character design; participated in level design, UI design

Gameplay Video:

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