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Hopper (Unity3D)

In our 2D platformer game, Hopper, the player plays as the frog explorer who has the same name. Hopper accidentally falls down into a deep dangerous cave and he must climb up to the ground, so the goal of the player is reaching the gate on the top of each level.

The player has basic movement which includes running towards left or right and jumping up by pressing arrow keys or WASD keys. Since the face of Hopper is much larger than his body, the player can stay on or jump from the edges of platforms with the face.

Also, the player can use a special skill “Second Sight” which changes the color of both Hopper and background between blue and yellow by pressing Spacebar, which indicates that Hopper can switch his iris color when blinks and then he cannot see the objects with the same color according to the principles of optics. The player can see a pair of giant eyelids which can cover the whole screen from the top and the bottom when he tries to use the skill. The skill has a three-second cooldown, there is an icon with a frog face which shows the countdown of cooldown and the player is not able to use the skill before the icon become light again.

During each level, the player can meet different combinations with static platforms, moving platforms, static spikes, moving spikes, crossbows, or the ghost. The spikes will kill the player immediately once he touches them; the arrows shot by the crossbows will kill the player, too; the ghost which only can be seen when the eyelids close will patrol between several platforms and kill the player once they touch each other. Therefore the player must be very careful during the whole game and predict the positions of moving objects since there are always some objects the player can’t see at all.

Each time the player dies, the current level will reload. Each time the player reaches the gate, he will enter the next level. The player will start at the Main Menu, he can press the Play button to begin playing and go back to the Main Menu by pressing Escape at any time during the game. Once the player beats the last level, he will see the End scene and has a choice between replaying the game or quitting.

Engine: Unity3D(3D)

Platform: PC

Category: 2D Platformer/Puzzle

Group of Two: Yitong Hu, Nick Banducci

Role: led in gameplay programming, UI design, 2D art & animation; participated in level design, system design

Gameplay Video:


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