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Apploid Ballfare (Unreal Engine 4)

A casual multiplayer sports game that features the combination of rugby and dodgeball elements with grappling hook mechanic. Player needs to bring the main golden ball to the opposite team's goal to score. To avoid the other team to score, you can shoot them with small green balls. Upon getting shot, you will respawn back to the starting point and drop the main ball. Grappling provides you a way to move across large distance with great speed. Apploids are androids that replace house appliances in the future, powered by sophisticated AI and act almost like real human.

Developed by Unreal Engine 4. Apploid Ballfare was recommended by Unreal Engine official in EpicFriday, passed Steam Greenlight and won Best Student Game award in 2017 SEA Game Awards by Mygameon.

Engine: Unreal Engine 4 (C++/Blueprints)

Platform: PC

Category: 3D/Casual/Sports/TPS/Multiplayer/Sci-fi

Group of seven.

Role: programming, UI design, lobby system design, sound effect, graphic settings, in-game chat system design.


Gameplay Video: (Please turn on English subtitle)

EpicFriday Recommendation:

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